"In the twelve years or so that I have been involved in racehorse ownership, I have belonged to quite a large number of Syndicates and have enjoyed much of what each of them had to offer. What drew me to Inside Track was the friendliness of the Owners and their sheer enthusiasm. I found that enthusiasm infectious. The sheer enjoyment and love of their horses very much appealed to me, as did the active social side of the Club. Pretty soon, I found myself wanting to become more involved and now, along with my good friend Alan Chambers, I help Eric with the day to day running of Inside Track.

When I first became involved with Inside Track, their 'stock' consisted of two or three lovely, but very mediocre horses. Every year since, that 'stock' has increased, both in quantity and, far more important, in quality. We now have seven really good horses and I am sure that number will increase further, with time. We look to form relationships with our horses and hope that they will stay with us for many years. That is not to say that we wouldn't turn down a seven figure offer from the odd Sheikh, it is just that we are not actively adopting a buy to sell policy.

I cannot recommend Inside Track highly enough, both as an affordable way of becoming an Owner and also as a great way of meeting like minded people and making really good friends."
Roger Kolien

“In my opinion, INSIDE trACK offers outstanding value for money. You will have the opportunity of being involved with one of the country’s youngest, most successful and ambitious trainers in James Boyle, and this promises to be a lot of fun. What are you waiting for?!"
Mike Cattermole - TV commentator and journalist

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