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Baby Gal is our only horse running at the moment. she is so low with her handicap mark 46, it is difficult to get her into races.

She has been balloted out of her next race, which should have been tomorrow at Kempton and this was for horses under a handicap mark of 50 or below. The suprising thing is she has won £5k this year. We will consult her owners and see if they want to carry on for another month. Her next race will be at Lingfield 16/1/19.

All our horses are now back in the stables after their Winter break. They will be out on the downs this Saturday the 12th, starting to get ready for the next turf season.

The training morning this Saturday to see them starts at 9.00am.

We hope to start the season about mid March when our turf horses will have a get fit race on the all weather before the turf season.





Eric and Pam.