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Rattle On

Has been retired to one of our lovely members.


Silver Penny

Wrong time of year for her, she needs give in the ground. She will leave us in June and be retired to become a polo horse! 

Baby Gal 

She suffered a little injury at Brighton a couple of weeks ago, she will be back on the track next week.  


What a last couple of weeks, at last we have a quality horse, so much so she runs in a class Z race at Goodwood on Saturday 26th May over 7 flgs, a £100,000 race!!

Jack of Diamonds

Another horse that will leave us in June. He will go to R.Teal in Lambourne. Roger has had Jack since a 2 year old. He will continue in racing with one or two of his present owners staying with him. He will be in a new syndicate not associated with ITRC.

Isle of Wolves

We have not talked about himlateley, we are taking our time with him, Jim thinks we have another potential decent horse on our hands. He is taking time coming to hand and still growing. Should be out by mid July.   


With the retirement/losing 3 of our horses we are in the market place for another 1/2 horses. Jim has the feelers out and hopefully we can get a decent type. As soon as we get them we will advise for some new owners.     




Eric and Pam.